fiestarumba asked: what are your thoughts on doing a macro video with drachetto or qing long taking turns at stomping victims?

Didn’t I already do that with Qing Long and me?

Drachetto really hates bugs.  You’re a bug.

More fun with GoPro and sound effects.


johnofg-ville asked: Hello, Rogue. I am Merlin O'Toole, Vito Talford's human counterpart. I have seen your videos and the artwork you received from other artists. Your stories are amazing, too. They inspire me a lot I must admit. I heard you're going to AC this year, and I hope to see you there, big guy.

Only for a li’l bit.  I’ll probably post on my Twitter (roguemegawolf) when I’m gonna be out and about.


simbjjimufsa asked: Hi megawolf, i am your fan, like yours videos sit, and smash. You go for AC this year ? Sorry my english, i try. You can ask the duke to make videos of sitting too?or step on and crush micros.

I will go to AC, but only for a short time.  I have a very busy schedule with many cities to smash!


davewills123 asked: *Riding on your muzzle while you rampage.* A great way to see a megawolf's perspective.

Yurrrr?  *gets all cross-eyed*


angryferret238 asked: Hi there Rogue! welcome to Tumblr ^^ just mind your self okay?

What do you mean, mind myself?  I think you’re the one who needs to be watching my step.




Tanks For The Memories Part 1:  A curious Duncan Roo encounters some military vehicles gathered nearby but discovers that they’re not at all friendly.

Tanks For The Memories Part 2:  These pesky things just don’t quit.  Seems that for every one you flatten, two more show up.

Tanks For The Memories Part 3:  Duncan’s had enough fun with the military for one day and heads home.